Women Are Not Safe In Their Own Homes. When Will All This Change?

For how long will women continue to be beaten up, even in their own homes? It sometimes seems like a hopeless situation!A couple of months ago a disturbing video from Pakistan went viral online. It revealed a gang of men brutally torturing a transgender inside some house. It doesn’t really matter whether she was a transgender or a woman. Both are living miserably in this society. Forget society, they are not even safe inside their homes as well.


Interview with Ms.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

The clock was nearing to 10am and i was waiting for the scheduled interview with  Ms.Maneka Gandhi. At sharp 10 , Ms. Nanu Bhasin ( Director , media and communication) in the ministry took me to Minister’s cabin . The face was familiar to me through television and news paper But I was amazed with her…