Interview with Ms.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

The clock was nearing to 10am and i was waiting for the scheduled interview with  Ms.Maneka Gandhi. At sharp 10 , Ms. Nanu Bhasin ( Director , media and communication) in the ministry took me to Minister’s cabin . The face was familiar to me through television and news paper But I was amazed with her multi tasking skills. she is focused on what she is doing ,Reading Mails, Answering to phone calls ( both mobile and landline), Reading and signing documents, and answering to my  questions . We discussed various topics relating to women, children, nutrition, women empowerment and of course current political issues etc.  she holds knowledge about anything which is related to her.   starting with its origin and history. she told ,” I am not interested in wearing jewels, but i know about it , like wise I know about ceremics,textiles.and i know its history and keen in watching the trends’….

Commitment to environment enable her to develop jungle like garden in her residence, She have pets including 15 monkeys, 10 dogs ……the list never ends. when she starts talking she has more to say even about her family.  She told about her moments with grand daughter Anasooya and how she spends time with family in Weekends .  She strongly feels that everyone should spent good quality time to family also. ”

What i have scribbled here is my personal feelings, i will publish her interview later.  What i experienced was a wonderful personal moments with Ms.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.  I feel , like her we should  not waste a single moment in life. enjoy it, work hard ………..


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